About Us

PCS Computer Service was opened in 1986 and is one of the first PC sales and service businesses to operate in the Acadiana area. Prior to opening, owner Paul Truehart was a service technician for Compugraphic, Inc. which at the time was a leading supplier of photoelectric typesetting systems. This equipment was used primarily by newspapers, publishers, and print shops to produce printed material. When the desktop computer became available in 1985, and shortly thereafter high resolution laser printers, Paul recognized an opportunity to offer complete desktop publishing systems which could provide comparable print quality at a fraction of the cost of typesetting systems. Our first clientele required education on these new systems which PCS was very happy to provide. Our reputation began to spread and we became successful offering a range of solutions along with top notch customer support.

Since these early days, PCS has provided our products and services to many types of small to medium size businesses and personal users in the Acadiana area. Our continued emphasis on customer service is the primary focus of our efforts. Our technicians are very knowledgable and courteous. Most calls are handled promptly and our service fees are reasonable.
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